A Proud Heritage


TOT Electrical has a large equipment pool to enable us to meet the most timely and last minute client requirements. This combined with excellent supplier relationships, and a highly trained and cross functional team, means that when things go wrong in your world, we can be there with a solution that allows you to focus on your prime objective.


Our strength is our highly capable and driven team of professional electricians and support staff. The team is stable with many of our key people having been with us for over 5 years, a real achievement in such a transient industry. Our people stay because we challenge them, train them, reward them and acknowledge that they are what make us special. They enjoy great working conditions so that our client get highly motivated, trained and dedicated workers who provide service that goes above and beyond.


We have a dedicated Compliance and WH&S team to ensure that we meeting our obligations under the 2011 WH&S Act AND go beyond what is “Reasonably Practicable”to provide that extra peace of mind to our customers. When you induct a TOT Electrical worker onto your site, you’re inducting a highly trained and safety conscious professional who will act in the best interest of your business at all times.


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